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Teak market

While in Africa and the Americas have teak, but because of growing area weather, short growth cycle of the trees, 10 timber, oil based on a century-old teak tree root parts of teak flooring

Right, drop a lot, has lost the teak oil is feature-rich, the material dry and cracked. Nominal "African teak", "South America teak", "Indonesian teak" and "Brazil teak" has actually not true teak.

Called Thai pomelo peddle, but Thailand already banned teak logging and export restrictions, natural forest of Thai teak almost do not exist in the market. In droves some from Thailand imported teak, is mostly Thailand Teak plantations, forest is highly unlikely.

Invent names such as: Golden grapefruit, Golden teak, teak teak King, Emperor, purple and Tan, iron grapefruit, pummelo, Shaddock, beautiful grapefruit, in fact, these species do not exist in the world, at best, some hardwood, some manufacturers sell these names with teak flooring hitch for a price!