Best Price Durable and Stable High Quality Round Logs Burma Teak Wood

Best Price Durable and Stable High Quality Round Logs Burma Teak Wood
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Best price durable and stable high quality round logs burma teak wood

Product Description:

Teak wood log/ sawn timber at best price.

The tropical climate makes teak wood trees grow rapidly. Teak is a deciduous tree, which grows in dry, hilly terrains of forests in Southeast Asia and makes high profit . Acknowledging the great potential and value of this wood, tengyang has exploited and gradually expanded teak wood export to not only domestic market but also foreign market all over the world. We commit to supply teak wood log/ sawn timber with top quality and best price, which meets the variety of customer's demands.

Teak is especially noted for its capacity to withstand changes in the weather and season. One of the reasons for this is the ability of the Teak to bend, but not break, in the face of high winds. Besides, it is also resistant to decay and easily repels insects. This is one of the reasons that, unlike other woods, it is often used as the main material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak wood holds its form over many years, even if left outside, and because of this it has often been used for the decking of ships - with its special aroma, cruise ships in particular.

Because of its strength, this wood is highly prized by lovers and collectors of furniture.

Applications of teak logs :

produce furniture, boat deck, sailing boat,windows and doors and so on

Advantages of teak:

1.the quality of teak wood is durable and stable, the texture is very good, also it has very good effect of anti-efflorescence. In fact, these advantages of teak will be recognized in the first ten years of the application of teak furniture, also in these ten years time, the furniture will keep its beauty as it was in the beginning.  Some people like to polish furniture with brightener , but compared with these polished furniture,they are even still more worse than those been air-slaked teak wood furniture.after you use teak furniture for dozens of years, you will be surprised that the durable quality and stable beauty ,

2.the gap of expansion and shrinkage is the smallest in all of the woods, according to the records, the length of the big sailing ship which Zheng He used during his journey of westward voyages reaches to 175 meters, the width is 65 meters, the sailing ship body is covered by three layers teak wood with 16 separate Waterproof warehouses, it can take more than 2000 tons goods. From history records, chinese people knew teak wood can b be under the blazing sun for quite a long time, also Chinese people knew that the teakwood will not shrink even under rain, wind ,heating or salty sea water. These advantages are just the reason why even today people still like to use teakwood as the material to produce ships or boats. It’s really a good choice to use teakwood as material to produce ships or boats for its very small shrinking advantage.

3.teak wood will not change its shape or get corroded or craze under all kinds of conditions, from the teak wood floors aspect, the teak wood floor quality is always stable with strength and tenacity. For others material floors,they will shrink after two years in every winter, the shrink gap will get 3-4 mm , also in every summer they will expand with Loose sound.but for the teak solid wood floors, they are all very stable and the gap change is always very small.

4.the content of oil is high and the longer you use the teak wood, the brightener it will be, the surface of the teak wood furniture ,just this kind oil protects the lustre of the furniture to make it long time lasting?light. At the same time, just this kind of fragrance coming from the oil to make mosquito not come to them . In southeast ares, they are very wet and there are so many mosquitos, it will avoid so many matters if you use teak furnitures, lustre outside the furniture will not reduce with time going on, contrarily it will make the teak furniture much brighter, it’s also very convenient for you to clean the teak furniture with water.

5.It will getting more golden,another miraculous thing is that for teak furniture, the golden color in smooth Plane comes from the Photosynthesis oxidation, the longer time you use the teak furniture, the more beautiful it will be,

6.Smell :To make you feel ease in nervous, its special fragrance will make the  nervous system of the middle aged and elderly people feel more comfortable.


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Company Introduction

Shanghai Tengyang Industry and Trade Co.Ltd is a company focusing on the business of importing and exporting and reprocessing the Burma teak . We offer teakwood (including timber,board and veneer) and we reprocess the down-stream products like teak floor veneer, teak veneer,teak furniture veneer, teak edge band, teak board, teak square logs, teak leftover materials and so on by advanced machines.  Shanghai Tengyang Industry and Trade Co.Ltd was set up in 2006 and focuses on the development of teak related products, we hold  the business conceptions of Business integrity and stable development , and which helped us to establish good reputation . Our products have been sold to many countries like Republic of Korea, Japan ,India and other Europe and America. Our clients are almost very famous brands like : PowerDekor, Vohringer,Baroque, Nature floor, LEYANGYANG floor and Arte Mundi floor. We have very good business relations with them. 

Our Main Business 

1.sell burma teak logs

2.sell burma teak board

3.sell burma teak veneer


Our Advantages 

1.our products are authentic burma teak

2.we have our own production factory

3.we have avialable enough supply quantity in stock,every year we can supply 20000-50000 m3 burma teak with chinese government quota.


welcome clients from china and abroad to visit our factory !


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With best price durable and stable high quality round logs burma teak wood for sale, TENGYANG is well-known as one of the well-known professional manufacturers and suppliers of various teak products. All of our products come directly from Burma forest and they are of strong durability, high corrosion and insects resistance, and competitive price.